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XHC-X100H High speed automatic packing machine for soft tissue paper

2021-06-03 16:41:01
XHC-X100H High speed automatic packing machine for soft tissue paper

Scope of application:

It is suitable for small packing of regular square materials such as extraction type tissue paper, napkin paper and ordinary tissue paper.

Equipment features:

1. Servo drive is adopted to make the film pulling cutter and intermediate feeding more flexible and accurate, greatly improving the production efficiency

2. The operation of the whole machine is controlled by pl.c programmable program and man-machine interface

3. Adopting high precision photoelectric tracking system, the automatic fault tracking and alarm system is more perfect

4. The drive system adopts advanced frequency control

5. Adopt special antistatic technology to make the packaging performance more stable

6. Adopt intelligent temperature control meter to control the temperature at will

7. The tearing opening of tissue packaging film is synchronous automatic drilling, and it can be equipped with automatic drilling devices with various tearing opening shapes

8. The production date, batch number and other characters can be printed automatically, and the printing position of characters can be adjusted up, down, left and right


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