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Toilet Paper Packing Machine

2022-07-18 15:07:57
Toilet Paper Packing Machine

FEATURES OF TOILET PAPER AUTOMATIC PACKING MAHCINE:                                                                       

1. Adopt adjustable clip for shaping, the paper package is nice, and it can realize the packaging conversion of different specifications.

2. Multi- Servo driver, PLC programmable controller,HMI operation system.

3. Adopt high-precision photoelectric tracking system, fault automatic tracking and alarm system is more perfect.

4. The conveying system is controlled by advanced frequency conversion device.

5. Adopt automatic oil injection lubrication system, greatly prolong the service life of the whole machine

6. Adopt unique anti-static technology to make the packaging performance more stable.

7. Adopt intelligent temperature control meter to make temperature control easily.

8. Adopt advanced cooling system to prevent finished products from sticking together.

9. The character content such as production date and batch number can be automatically printed, and the character printing position can be adjusted up, down, left and right.

Toilet Paper Automatic Packing Machine:

Machine Size: L5037*W4090*H2000mm                    Tissue Package Size:  L(100~350)* Dia (80~125)mm ;  10 /12 Rolls per package bag

Packing Speed: 0~20 Bags/min                                     Total Powder: 12 kw

Machine Weight: About 7500 KGS                            Package Film: CPP, PE...etc Pre-made bag

Power Source: 380V 50~60Hz(3 phase)                    Air Compressor: 0.5~0.8Mpa



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