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What is the maintenance and classification of napkin machine

2021-05-12 09:43:13

Hello, everyone. Have you been traveling recently? Pay attention to travel safety and personal protection when playing. Don't relax your personal protection just because you've been playing for a while. Next, let's introduce the maintenance and classification of napkin machine.

Napkin machine maintenance: the main content of maintenance, according to the use of napkin machine to delimit. Shift maintenance, also known as routine maintenance. In order to maintain the technical condition of the paper machine, the paper towel machine should be maintained before and after work every day. That is, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment, replacement, fastening and other regular maintenance, that is, technical maintenance and technical inspection. The napkin machine must be maintained and inspected after 200 ^ 500 hours of operation. The specific methods are cleaning, checking, lubricating, adjusting, fastening and repairing the napkin machine. Repair or replace damaged or severely worn parts and reassemble.

Napkin machine is divided into automatic napkin machine and color napkin machine. At present, whether it's a small restaurant on the street or a five-star hotel, we all go out to eat, and they provide napkins in the city. How do you make this napkin? How much is the napkin machine? We are now the most common napkin generally rectangular and square these two, generally with relief. Generally between 20000 to 50000, you can order according to your own needs. A good machine will not cause any problems, otherwise it will be troublesome to buy a machine and repair it in three days. Among them, the four common characteristics of combat effectiveness are. Fold the slitting tray paper into tissue, put it into the box and take out the tissue. When in use, the paper towel is pulled out one by one from the box, which is convenient and convenient.

The above content is a brief introduction to the maintenance and classification of napkin machine



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