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Whats the difference between napkin machine and facial tissue machine

2021-05-28 10:21:35

No fate can be conquered without contempt, patience and struggle. For napkin machine and tissue machine, I think you should have a certain understanding. Do you know the machines that make these two products? Here is an answer:

Napkin machine is to process the base paper into finished napkin through embossing, folding, electronic counting, cutting and other processes. The whole process is completed by one operation of double-layer embossing napkin equipment. In addition, embossing can make various clear and beautiful patterns according to the needs of users. Household paper packaging machinery is to process and fold the slitting paper into toilet paper. After packaging, the tissue machine becomes a suction box tissue machine.

When in use, the paper towel machine can be pulled out from the box one by one, which is convenient and fast. The boxed tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorption and automatic counting digital stacking device, which has the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity. It is an advanced equipment for producing box toilet paper.

A few minutes more preparation last night, a few hours less trouble today. Of the easiest things in the world, procrastination is the easiest. The above about the napkin machine is here, more related content we will continue to arrange for you, please pay attention.



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